Thursday, 19 December 2013

Recently I Finished... Antique Bronze Key, Gears & Heart Necklace Commission & New Addition to the Store

This past week I was commissioned to make an antique bronze key necklace, accented with a round antique bronze gears charm and two ruby red heart gems by a lady on Etsy. It was to arrive for Christmas so I made and posted it out in less than one day! *fist pump*

 photo P10603171_zps8f004278.jpg

 photo P10603191_zpsdfc905ea.jpg
I packaged it up my usual way - business card, free gift (in this case, stickers) and sealed plastic bag but I also wrapped it up in Steampunk writing paper seeing as it was to be a Christmas gift.

The necklace was so pretty, I couldn't resist making more with one heart gem and list them in my store!

 photo P1060366_zpsf74effe9.jpg
I have red, fuchsia and black in stock (for some reason the black didn't photograph well at 4pm, will try again soon!) and can make them with amber, yellow, orange, green, emerald green, blue, light pink, light purple, purple or clear heart gems instead.

 photo P1060380_zps1afa4882.jpg
The necklaces are £6 each and available on my Etsy store here. I may make some matching earrings, would you be interested in that, my lovely customers/readers?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New Item: Antique Bronze 'Queen Bee' Necklace & Earrings Jewellery Set

I couldn't resist these adorable bee pendants and charms and knew immediately what I wanted to make with them! I present a new item for my store - Antique Bronze 'Queen Bee' Necklace & Earrings Jewellery Set, available here for just £10!

 photo P1060251_zps50023b76.jpg
I absolutely love the large 3D bee pendant and added antique bronze flower links to the necklace chain to accent it - and you know, because bees like flowers! I also accented the smaller bee charms (worker bees?) with amber acrylic 'drops of honey'!

 photo P1060230_zpse61af640.jpg

The set is just so cute, I kept one aside for myself. I plan to wear it with Dolly Kei mostly but of course, antique bronze matches almost any outfit and style and it'd be rude not to wear this little set everywhere!

 photo P1060252_zps4964e2a4.jpg

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Recently Finished Items...Antique Bronze Bird Skull Necklaces + Faux Fur Hand Muffs & Detachable Collars

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd show you some items I recently finished and are now up for sale on my Etsy store! I have quite a backlog of these posts so I shall do them periodically!

 photo P1050686_zpsc7c6c8a3.jpg
Antique Bronze Flowering Bird Skull Necklace - £6, available here

I love the little flower on the bird skull's head, it gives it a slightly feminine touch on an otherwise macabre piece. I created this with Gothic, Lolita, Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei and Mori Girl looks in mind due to the uniqueness but it can be worn however you like! I'm thinking of adding a little bronze flower link or something similar to add to it, what do you think?

 photo P1060103_zpse3f8036e.jpg
Detachable Faux Fur Collar with Satin Ribbon Ties - £10, available here

I've made faux fur hand muffs for a while now but I made these detachable collars just in time for winter (although not now with this post haha). I have black, white and pink in stock and can custom make one for you in almost any colour, also with a slightly longer fur for extra fluffiness (£5 extra). The ribbon may change from satin to grosgrain depending on stock availability but it will always be the highest quality I can get. 

 photo P1060299_zps83082d4e.jpg
Faux Fur Lined Hand Muff - £11, available here

I made some more hand muffs just to have ready and updated the stock photo for them. They are lined with dressmaker's satin lining and like the collars, I can make them in many colours and fur piles.

Want a muff and collar to match? I'll do both for just £15, any colour, £20 if you'd like a longer fur pile for both.

Are you all ready for Christmas? I'm awaiting items I've ordered online and will be picking up some items in town on Thursday, then I should be done! I've posted the last Christmas posting dates for both domestic and international locations on my Facebook page, it's not too late to get your items in time for Christmas for a few countries and of course, the UK!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Feature: The Flowers & Bones Project Blog Article - Harajuku Lovers: Lolita

Hello everyone! Just a quick post today but I promise I'll catch up with shop posts soon! It's getting so busy with the run up to Christmas!

I got a lovely email from Fiona over at The Flowers and Bones Project letting me know she featured my Chocolate Dipped Candy Nails in her article about Lolita fashion!

You can read her article over at her blog here where she details some facts about Lolita fashion, where you can buy Sweet Lolita essentials and shows some cute inspiration photos!

I'm really flattered she chose to include me in her article, I hope you can spare the time to give it a quick read! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Today I Finished...Agejo/Hime Gyaru Nails & a Macaroon Nail Ring!

Hello everyone! Today is a super grumpy day - it has rained all day and is very dark so trying to take photos of the items I finished today for my customers has been annoying! Nevertheless, I prevailed!

 photo P1050653_zpsa477af91.jpg

 photo P1050658_zpsed2614c0.jpg
My lovely friend Lizzie commissioned some pink Agejo Gyaru style false nails from me to wear at MCM Expo in London later this month. I started them on Friday and finished them today! Technically I started them twice as I cut, filed and painted one set of nails to then decide the pink was too 'hot' so I went out, bought another nail polish and started all over again! It was totally worth it though, they look much better with a more inbetween shade of pink graduating to brighter pink glittery tips. I had lots of fun making these and want to make a set for myself now, haha! I also have the original hot pink nails I started so I'll make another design with those to use them up. A set of false nails with a similar design to this, custom made to your measurements and with a small bag of extra rhinestones and cabochons is £12 not including postage.

I will start making more Gyaru style nails and want to get in some super long stiletto false nails like these:
 photo product_thumbphp_zps83dd885c.jpg

But of course I will still make regular length nails, haha! These will be very special pre-made and custom orders!

I also finished this custom macaron ring for a customer on Etsy today:

 photo P1050624_zps1103a5a1.jpg

Isn't it so cool and edgy?! A mint green macaron with vanilla cream and a nail straight through the middle! So cool! The customer found a photo of one on a Japanese fashion blog and commissioned me to make a similar one. This is only a one off but if there is some interest, I may make more in other colours! This was about £4 not including postage but they would be cheaper if I made them in bulk.

Today I am also making black and white rose spike chokers, a super popular item in my store as well as two liquorice allsorts tote bags for a customer, skeleton hand hair clips and antique bronze and silver jewellery! Only one person commented on my last post so they will win a pair of skeleton hand hair clips by default! That's okay though, everyone starts out small! You should comment next time, what do you have to lose? If only two people commented, you'd have 50% chance of winning!

If you'd like any custom item from me, please get in touch at or comment below! Nothing makes me happier than making one of a kind items for my customers based on their tastes and interests!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cast Your Votes: Skeleton Hand Items

Hey all! Currently I'm priming some skeleton hands to turn into hair clips, brooches, necklaces and more in time for Halloween!

So I decided to turn the attention to you, my lovely customers and get your help in deciding what items and colours to make them!

I'll be making the skeleton hands into hair clips, brooches and necklaces but is there anything else you'd like to use them as?

Originally the skeleton hands are grey and when primed, they're white. What other colours would you like to see them in? Pink? Black? Blue? And would you like a glittery effect or not?

The choice is yours, comment below to let me know what you would buy and I'll pick a random commenter to win a pair of the skeleton hand hair clips in white! This is just the start of my 'Cast Your Votes' posts, where I want your say on what you want me to make and sell and each time I need your votes, I'll select a random commenter to win a small prize as a token of my appreciation! I'll post anywhere in the world (spammers excluded) so what do you have to lose? After all, I wouldn't be here without your custom so I want to give something back! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Event: J-Con Derby 2013 + Name Modification?

Hey all! I just came back from J-Con in Derby yesterday. I sold my items there for the Saturday and enjoyed the Friday band night as a spectator (that should probably be the other way round). It was a success! I have been to J-Con as a trader 3 years running now and had a great year, both as an attendee and a trader every year. It it safe to say I will be there again next year!

For anyone who isn't 'in the know', J-Con is a manga and manga convention in Derby that also has lots of video games, trading cards, comic books, Japanese fashion, Steampunk and much more in it! It's a very fun two day event with a band night on the Friday with Japanese and geek inspired acts.

I'm sorry I didn't put up a post saying I was at J-Con but it was a little short notice from starting this blog. On Sunday I will be at a craft fair in Nottingham at The Orange Tree - if you're anywhere near Nottingham, you should definitely check it out and come say hi! Here's the event page!

I also need a little help again, haha! I swear this blog is only for advice needed. T_T I'm really trying to step up the mark with my business/brand/whatever and have been toying with the idea of taking the 'Creations' out of my brand name and just keep it to '8th Sin' with 'Handmade Jewellery, Accessories and Clothing' or a similar tag line in order to distinguish myself from other things with similar names or any 'dodgy' websites. I like the '8th Sin' part as it has meaning and sentiment to me but I feel that more professional, successful brands don't have 'creations' or similar phrases in their brand name. It establishes a brand as more than a crafty hobby and opens the brand up to more things. I also think it would be really cool for people to say 'Where did you get that [insert item here]?' and people to reply 'It's a brand called 8th Sin'!

What do you think?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

New 'Crowning Glory' Line - Need Advice!

Hey everyone! Over the past few weeks I've been making beaded crowns for when you need a great big whopping crown on your head. For all those fancier Lolita outfits, cosplays and fancy dress outfits and more!

 photo P1050309_zpsb869b0c5.jpg
The first one I made was a smaller version of the one I made myself to wear for Frock On. My Frock On outfit was a Gothic Butterfly Princess look so I decided to name this one 'Amethyst Queen'. I made two, available to buy here.

 photo P1050301_zps2224bd79.jpg
This one is an idea I had floating around for a little while, plus I wanted to test out some thicker wire. The thicker wire is a lot, well, thicker but most beads won't fit on it doubled up. I aptly named this one 'Candy Kingdom' (you can buy it here) because why not? The heart beads remind me of Smarties for some reason.

 photo P1050300_zps1e4a64c3.jpg
I named this one 'Of Blood & Crows', available to buy here. It's a variation on one I made myself to wear for J-Con next week that I am thinking of making more of but I need your lovely advice first.

As you can see I make a lot of the designs with feather trim, mostly because it gives a bit more substance to the crowns and because I can easily attach four (yep, four) crocodile clips underneath for extra stability and weight distribution.

However I'd like to make more with just plain beaded based so I made one out as a test for me to wear to J-Con in Derby this weekend. I'm tossing around 'Queen of Hearts' or 'Paint the Roses Red' for names for this one so let me know which one you prefer! Here are some photos!:

 photo P1050282_zpsa39fee75.jpg

 photo P1050288_zpsae2843ca.jpg
Beaded bases means I can add pretty dangling chains to them like above but it's a little harder and more noticeable to tuck away the loose ends of wires. Here are some photos to show what I mean:

 photo P1050295_zps6a40cdd7.jpg
I can't really attach crocodile clips to the beaded bases unless I wire them on, which I may do in the future but it will mean buying differently designed crocodile clips to make wiring them on easier. Due to having to thread the beads on the wire base then connect the base together at both ends, there is a small amount of wire left exposed and uncovered by beads, possibly around 2-3cm. I took this opportunity to wire the hair comb around there but you can still see the gap as well as the wire wrapped around the comb.

 photo P1050289_zpsf727bd68.jpg
You can also slightly see where I've wrapped the loose ends of the wire arches around the base too - I've tried to wrap them inbetween beads but it's still visible.

Are these slightly noticeable wires okay? Would you be happy to buy the crown like this or would you prefer me to try and find another way to conceal the wires better? Like many people who make their own work, I can see flaws in my design but other people might not mind so much. Perhaps the slightly visible wires contributes to a more 'beautifully flawed/handmade' look? I really don't know, that's why I need your advice! Please let me know what you think!

Oh, I also forgot to mention - normally I don't really like using hair combs as I find them hard to wear as they slip out of my hair, not to mention I was worried whether one hair comb would be enough for a beaded crown but these are actually really nice to wear with hair combs! The crown isn't heavy so it doesn't slide down your head. I teased my hair a little bit on the underside and this make the hair comb grip very well. I also slid it through some of the hair on the other side of my parting too which aided the stability too; it doesn't even bob around when I move my head so I can't wait to wear it for J-Con!

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Face of 8th Sin Creations!

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time! It has been a bit hectic and busy lately. I have just came back from Frock On!, a London Lolita and Japanese fashion event. I wasn't trading there but it was a nice change to just be able to enjoy the event.

Faceless corporations are big, scary and cold for a reason - because they never seem to have someone behind it! Smaller, handmade businesses are way better in the fact you can see who makes your items with love and get to know them. Do you all want to get to know me? I hope so, I want to know you all!

I'm pretty awful at taking 'selfies' - I can't smile right and I always look derpy! >_< This was taken on the way to London on Friday. Okay, soooo...about me?

♥ I'm 19 years old.
♥ I've been doing this for almost 5 years, I started when I was 15.
♥ I started making fairy wings from garden wire and tights, then bought myself a jewellery making starter kit and it went from there!
♥ I branched out into clay crafting, leather crafts (chokers, wristbands, etc.), and started learning how to sew whenever I could afford it.
♥ Other crafts I'd love to try out is basket weaving, millinery (hat making), book binding and designing/printing my own fabric to make dresses and have tights made!
♥ My favourite colours are black and pink. I'm trying to wear other colours with black too, like red or purple.
♥ Some of my favourite movies are Leon, Dogma, The Fifth Element, Pulse and Lady Vengeance.
♥ I love too much music to pick favourites but I really love stuff with neoclassical and darkwave elements as well as super catchy J-Pop stuff. Anything that has a catchy beat, really!
♥ My favourite foods are crispy shredded chilli beef, steak with peppercorn sauce and key lime pie.
♥ I wear alternative fashion all the time. I try to make my items with alternative girls who love to change up their style in mind. I don't like to 'classify' my items into fashion styles or make them with a certain fashion style in mind - I want my items to be an extension on someone's personal style rather than a rigid, one-style piece.

Please tell me something about you now! What fashion styles do you like to wear? What are your favourite books? Where do you live?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A new step for 8th Sin Creations!

I've been tossing and turning the idea of starting a blog for 8th Sin Creations in my head and I've finally decided to go along with it! Hopefully this will be full of project update photos, new shop stock updates, behind the scenes knowledge about my products, inspiration and chances for you guys to be a part of my business more, win prizes and get a say in things!

First chance I get, I'll do polls on to help choose the name of new product lines for my store, and a random voter will win a special little prize each time! It may only be a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet etc. but there will lots of chances to enter so maybe you'll get lucky!

Let me know if there's anything you want to see, whether it's on the blog or in my shop and I'll do my best to make it happen!

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