Sunday, 22 September 2013

Event: J-Con Derby 2013 + Name Modification?

Hey all! I just came back from J-Con in Derby yesterday. I sold my items there for the Saturday and enjoyed the Friday band night as a spectator (that should probably be the other way round). It was a success! I have been to J-Con as a trader 3 years running now and had a great year, both as an attendee and a trader every year. It it safe to say I will be there again next year!

For anyone who isn't 'in the know', J-Con is a manga and manga convention in Derby that also has lots of video games, trading cards, comic books, Japanese fashion, Steampunk and much more in it! It's a very fun two day event with a band night on the Friday with Japanese and geek inspired acts.

I'm sorry I didn't put up a post saying I was at J-Con but it was a little short notice from starting this blog. On Sunday I will be at a craft fair in Nottingham at The Orange Tree - if you're anywhere near Nottingham, you should definitely check it out and come say hi! Here's the event page!

I also need a little help again, haha! I swear this blog is only for advice needed. T_T I'm really trying to step up the mark with my business/brand/whatever and have been toying with the idea of taking the 'Creations' out of my brand name and just keep it to '8th Sin' with 'Handmade Jewellery, Accessories and Clothing' or a similar tag line in order to distinguish myself from other things with similar names or any 'dodgy' websites. I like the '8th Sin' part as it has meaning and sentiment to me but I feel that more professional, successful brands don't have 'creations' or similar phrases in their brand name. It establishes a brand as more than a crafty hobby and opens the brand up to more things. I also think it would be really cool for people to say 'Where did you get that [insert item here]?' and people to reply 'It's a brand called 8th Sin'!

What do you think?

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