Monday, 2 September 2013

The Face of 8th Sin Creations!

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time! It has been a bit hectic and busy lately. I have just came back from Frock On!, a London Lolita and Japanese fashion event. I wasn't trading there but it was a nice change to just be able to enjoy the event.

Faceless corporations are big, scary and cold for a reason - because they never seem to have someone behind it! Smaller, handmade businesses are way better in the fact you can see who makes your items with love and get to know them. Do you all want to get to know me? I hope so, I want to know you all!

I'm pretty awful at taking 'selfies' - I can't smile right and I always look derpy! >_< This was taken on the way to London on Friday. Okay, soooo...about me?

♥ I'm 19 years old.
♥ I've been doing this for almost 5 years, I started when I was 15.
♥ I started making fairy wings from garden wire and tights, then bought myself a jewellery making starter kit and it went from there!
♥ I branched out into clay crafting, leather crafts (chokers, wristbands, etc.), and started learning how to sew whenever I could afford it.
♥ Other crafts I'd love to try out is basket weaving, millinery (hat making), book binding and designing/printing my own fabric to make dresses and have tights made!
♥ My favourite colours are black and pink. I'm trying to wear other colours with black too, like red or purple.
♥ Some of my favourite movies are Leon, Dogma, The Fifth Element, Pulse and Lady Vengeance.
♥ I love too much music to pick favourites but I really love stuff with neoclassical and darkwave elements as well as super catchy J-Pop stuff. Anything that has a catchy beat, really!
♥ My favourite foods are crispy shredded chilli beef, steak with peppercorn sauce and key lime pie.
♥ I wear alternative fashion all the time. I try to make my items with alternative girls who love to change up their style in mind. I don't like to 'classify' my items into fashion styles or make them with a certain fashion style in mind - I want my items to be an extension on someone's personal style rather than a rigid, one-style piece.

Please tell me something about you now! What fashion styles do you like to wear? What are your favourite books? Where do you live?

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