Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Today I Finished...Agejo/Hime Gyaru Nails & a Macaroon Nail Ring!

Hello everyone! Today is a super grumpy day - it has rained all day and is very dark so trying to take photos of the items I finished today for my customers has been annoying! Nevertheless, I prevailed!

 photo P1050653_zpsa477af91.jpg

 photo P1050658_zpsed2614c0.jpg
My lovely friend Lizzie commissioned some pink Agejo Gyaru style false nails from me to wear at MCM Expo in London later this month. I started them on Friday and finished them today! Technically I started them twice as I cut, filed and painted one set of nails to then decide the pink was too 'hot' so I went out, bought another nail polish and started all over again! It was totally worth it though, they look much better with a more inbetween shade of pink graduating to brighter pink glittery tips. I had lots of fun making these and want to make a set for myself now, haha! I also have the original hot pink nails I started so I'll make another design with those to use them up. A set of false nails with a similar design to this, custom made to your measurements and with a small bag of extra rhinestones and cabochons is £12 not including postage.

I will start making more Gyaru style nails and want to get in some super long stiletto false nails like these:
 photo product_thumbphp_zps83dd885c.jpg

But of course I will still make regular length nails, haha! These will be very special pre-made and custom orders!

I also finished this custom macaron ring for a customer on Etsy today:

 photo P1050624_zps1103a5a1.jpg

Isn't it so cool and edgy?! A mint green macaron with vanilla cream and a nail straight through the middle! So cool! The customer found a photo of one on a Japanese fashion blog and commissioned me to make a similar one. This is only a one off but if there is some interest, I may make more in other colours! This was about £4 not including postage but they would be cheaper if I made them in bulk.

Today I am also making black and white rose spike chokers, a super popular item in my store as well as two liquorice allsorts tote bags for a customer, skeleton hand hair clips and antique bronze and silver jewellery! Only one person commented on my last post so they will win a pair of skeleton hand hair clips by default! That's okay though, everyone starts out small! You should comment next time, what do you have to lose? If only two people commented, you'd have 50% chance of winning!

If you'd like any custom item from me, please get in touch at or comment below! Nothing makes me happier than making one of a kind items for my customers based on their tastes and interests!


  1. The macaroon ring with the nail looks so cool !
    Will it be something you would do in bulk ? I know a few girls that would want one :3

    1. Wow, sorry for such an awfully long reply! *fail* >_< If the girls you know would like one, I'd definitely make them for them! Get them to send me a message on my Etsy ( and I may be able to do a discount/deal for them. :3