Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Items: Antique Bronze Bee & Deer Jewellery Sets

Recently I have been playing around with new backdrops and props for my items. I am always torn between wanting a clean, simple look without being boring and a complimentary look using props without being too overwhelming.

I also received a large supplies order at the beginning of the week and have been busy making new items for 8th Sin. Together with the new items and backdrop, I hope I can achieve a cute, whimsical and pretty effect to show my jewellery to the best of my abilities!


£7 and free UK postage, available here

I have made antique bronze bee necklaces before but I've improved them with my new supplies by making part of the chain branches intertwined with flower links. I hope the effect is dainty and whimsical, perfect for Classic Lolita, Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei and Shironuri. There are so many styles that suit this timeless vintage feel.

£7 and free UK postage, available here

I made a similar necklace but instead featuring an antique bronze deer & bird pendant. Whilst bees and insects are more appealing for a unique twist, deer have an extra pretty feel for a feminine look.

£3 and free UK postage, available here

I made earrings to match both necklaces featuring the same flower charms and white teardrop pearls!

£4 and free UK postage, available here

And a bracelet, specially designed to look like your wrist is entwined with branches and flowers~ 

Naturally they are all available as a set for a discounted price! You can save £2 purchasing all the items together, either with the deer or bee necklace and still get free UK postage!

Antique Bronze Deer, Flower & Branch Jewellery Set - £12 and free UK postage, available here

Antique Bronze Bee, Flower & Branch Jewellery Set - £12 and free UK postage, available here

I am still playing around the the arrangements for jewellery sets, as I realise they look like a face! Although maybe that's funny and will draw customers to view the items? What do you think?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Item: Multicoloured Pastel Candy Gumball Bracelet

Hi everyone! Slowly but surely my new supplies are starting to arrive so I'm busy making new items to take to Moe Moe Con and generally build my store up again after my short hiatus. I'm working on revamping my lines and making them more distinct - after all, that's what makes a brand stand out from the rest.

The first new supplies to arrive were these chunky, super cute gumball-style beads. I made multicoloured pastel candy gumball bracelets perfect for Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei and Decora fashions as well as any other looks needing a sugar rush!

Multicoloured Pastel Candy Gumball Bracelet available here


One size fits all but feel free to send me the circumference of your wrist to double check! These bracelets are so super sweet and are inspired by ultra cute shops like 6% DOKIDOKI. I have 5 in stock and each bracelet is £3 or two for £5! I'll be bringing these along to Moe Moe Con so stop by and grab a couple! Shop here for them on my Etsy store with free UK postage too! See you next time!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Event: 8th Sin Creations will be at Moe Moe Con this weekend!

Hello all! How have you all been? The weather has been lovely in the UK recently - the only thing I don't like is opening the windows to feel a lovely, refreshing breeze and a fly buzzes in! I'm scared of many insects and I was even greeted by a spider hanging in my craft room studio doorway after accidentally leaving the window open all night...

Anyway! Last week I was contacted by the committee of Moe Moe Con to have a stall for 8th Sin this weekend! I graciously accepted and have been making new items to take and sell. I attended Moe Moe Con last year with my brand back when it was ran by my dear friend Cat but since she is in Japan this year, it has been taken over by the university committee.

Moe Moe Con is a Japanese culture convention held at Chester University, at the Molloy building and celebrates all things Japanese, such as anime, manga and video games. Some attractions that will be going on during the day will be Taiko drummers, cosplay contest, Japanese fashion contest, maid cafe and a Lolita fashion panel, hosted by myself and my awesome friend Jayde.

It is on Saturday 21st June at 11am and tickets cost £3 for children and anyone in cosplay and £4 for adults/anyone not in cosplay.

I have recently bought some new display items for my stall so I can't wait to use them for the first time at Moe Moe Con! Will you be attending? Come and say hi if so!

Monday, 9 June 2014

New Item: Pink Floral Bow & Crown Necklace

Do you remember the White & Pink Floral Bow & Crown Necklace I showcased the other day? I made all-pink versions too! I couldn't resist buying the ribbon in both white and pink; these have an even sweeter, more feminine look than the white ones!



The crown charms give a really elegant feel! I think they'd look lovely in a floral Sweet Lolita or Classic Lolita coordinate as well as even Hime Gyaru and Lolita!


The bows are cotton grosgrain ribbon with white glass pearl beads. The findings are alloy based and the crown charm is Tibetan silver. Like the white variation, this necklace is on sale at just £3.50 including free UK postage; worldwide postage is only £3.50 extra and you can get a couple of other items with no additional postage cost too! There are two of these available, click here if you're interested in purchasing!

Friday, 6 June 2014

New Item: White & Pink Floral Bow & Crown Necklace

Today I'm here to show you an item recently listed that I created to try and decrease my supply stash. I have a lot of items I bought or halfway made and forgot about so now I'm finishing them or using the supplies up and selling them cheap!

I had these grosgrain ribbon bows in my supply box that I was originally going to turn into hair accessories but I realised they'd make super cute and unique necklaces!



The crown charms give a really elegant feel! I think they'd look lovely in a floral Sweet Lolita or Classic Lolita coordinate as well as even Hime Gyaru and Lolita!


The bows are cotton grosgrain ribbon with white glass pearl beads. The findings are alloy based and the crown charm is Tibetan silver. This necklace is on sale at just £3.50 including free UK postage; worldwide postage is only £3.50 extra and you can get a couple of other items with no additional postage cost too! There are two of these available, click here if you're interested in purchasing!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New Item: Purple, Pink & Yellow Plastic Hello Kitty Necklace

Hello everyone! Lately in my personal life I have been decluttering my whole living space. My craft studio, which was far overdue a declutter as well as my entire house. I've also been doing the same with my supplies as I'd like to get some new materials in and new product launches. I've been trying to use up some supplies I have put off using, as you may recall from my previous posts.

With some plastic chain I had forgotten about, some gold stardust beads and a Hello Kitty pendant, I created this super cute necklace perfect for Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora, Creepy Cute and Pastel Goth.

Purple, Pink & Yellow Plastic Hello Kitty Necklace

The plastic items are great for people who are sensitive to metals (I know I am). The necklace has silver alloy-based findings, mainly jump rings and the lobster clasp fastening and the rest is plastic and acrylic.


I think all the colours coordinate easily into sweeter outfits and the soft, plastic look is very popular nowadays. I'm not sure if you know but plastic chain is more expensive than metal chain - crazy, right?!

However, this necklace is on sale at just £3.50 including free UK postage - worldwide postage is only £3.50 extra and you can include a couple more items for that price! I have two available, click here to buy!

Do you like these necklaces? Would you like to see more in the future? I'll show you some more necklaces I made to reduce my ever-growing supply stash next time!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

New Item: Ivory Lace A-Line Skirt

Hello everyone! Recently I have organised my fabric and lace collection and have been trying to use up fabric I've hoarded over the years. I've been making some skirts so here is the first of them! I'll be putting each clothing item up for sale as I make it and for a very, VERY cheap price - at the most, the cost of the supplies but to be honest, I'm not really too fussed. I just want to be able to practice, make something semi-cute and use up my stored fabric to buy more! >:D

CLEARANCE: Ivory Lace Gathered A-Line Skirt
This is an ivory lace gathered A-line skirt I made from two layers of lace fabric. The waist measurement is 30"-45" waist but it will be less gathered the higher the measurement, naturally. I made it with it being a base skirt for Cult Party Kei and Mori Girl in mind so I made a coordinate on Polyvore to show you what kind of items you can wear it with! I think it's a very versatile piece!


Yes, you read that correctly. The skirt is just £5 not including postage and packaging. The outfit also features a gorgeous sheer pink vintage peignoir that actually comes with a matching nightgown too - these three items will create endless CPK outfits! The tote bag is also from Etsy but the listing has expired so I can't link it unfortunately.

You can purchase the skirt using the link above - next up I'll be showing you a white tattered lace skirt I made the day after this! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sale: Pink & White Polka Dot and Yellow & Pink Cupcake Tote Bags

Today I put two items on sale for clearance, you lucky things! These are tote bags I made for Animanga Pop earlier in the year and I have a couple left over so I'd like them to go to loving homes and make way for new items!

For sale here

First up is a small pink & white polka dot and bow tote bag. There are two available for sale, both the same size. They measure approx. 20-25cm across. The bags are made with interlining for a strong, durable hold suitable for everyday use! They have a pink cotton lining and feature detachable white grosgrain bow brooches! These are perfect for Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora or even Hime Gyaru/Lolita and are great as is or would be even more adorable decked out in your favourite accessories, bag charms and brooches!

For sale here

Next is a yellow, pink & brown cupcake and polka dot tote bag. Again, there are two available to buy and these are in a large size, measuring about 35-40cm across. They have a pink and white cotton lining, are made with interlining for durability and have detachable brown grosgrain bow brooches. These would be perfect for Sweet Lolita and Decora style; the brown grosgrain bow brooches compliment and balance the colours perfectly, making this a versatile piece.

Both tote bags have been in storage for a bit and would benefit from an ironing or light tumble-drying in a warm heat - don't forget to remove the bow brooches beforehand though! I would happily iron them before sending out but they need to be folded up again to be sent out to you!

The pink tote bags are £7 with free UK postage and the cupcake totes are £10 with free UK postage. Postage anywhere else is £3.50. Buy the pink polka dot tote bag here and the yellow & pink cupcake tote bag here - once all four are gone, they're gone! I may make more tote bags in the future but they won't be exactly the same.

For future reference, I've made lucky packs full of jewellery and accessories that were given in these bags - so not only do you get lots of cute jewellery and accessories for a steal, you even get an awesome tote bag to use as well! What tote bag designs would you like to see in the future? Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Event: Enchanted London April 5th 2014

Hello everyone! I'm going to start writing this blog more regularly now, apologies for the slump! Today I'll be talking about the Lolita/J-fashion event Enchanted which was held in London on April 5th-6th 2014, ran by the awesome Street Fashion Europe team. It was two days of amazing outfits, photograph opportunities, shopping, cake and tea! Whilst I didn't have a stall at Enchanted, I made items for me and a few friends to wear as well as donating three prizes to the raffle held near the end of the event!

My friend Nadina was a photographer and filmographer of the event - I made her a black and gold rose accessory set for her to adorn her outfit!


I used high quality colourfast foam roses, handpainted the gold ones myself and made her four hair clips, four brooches and a headband of alternating black roses and stainless steel spike studs for an elegant yet edgy look. The price for this commission was around £50, if you're interested in similar.

Me and my friend Jayde twinned in Chess Story's 'Je nai pas de temps' JSK for a creepy cute Gothic bunny look. I made our earrings, rings and false nails to complete the look! Each of our items are alternating - I have a white blouse, black handbag, white tights, black shoes, white earrings, white ring and black nails with white tips whilst Jayde has a black blouse, white handbag, black tights, white shoes, black earrings, black ring and white false nails with black tips!

I'm on the left

Jayde's false nails - I painted my own nails black with white tips since they were long enough.
Our alternating pom pom earrings
Our alternating pom pom rings

I had lots of fun at the event and I hope to have a stall at a Street Fashion Europe event in the future! Did you go to Enchanted?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Finished Item!: Antique Bronze Cameo & Ivory Lace Bib Necklace

Hello my lovely Sinners! I'm trying that name out for my lovely customers and fans, do you like it? I know sinning is supposed to be bad but everyone loves a guilty pleasure and being naughty!

I have just finished a new item I will be uploading onto my Etsy and website very shortly! It's part of the Memento Mori line and perfect for Dolly Kei, Classic Lolita, Cult Party Kei and Mori Girl - Antique Bronze Cameo & Ivory Lace Bib Necklace and Earring Jewellery Set.

 photo P1070132_zps756a82af.jpg

It features a high quality thick cotton lace collar in ivory, bedazzled with gemstones and seed beads and topped off with antique bronze cameos with book page inserts! The necklace sits around your collarbone area with the tops of the lace collar sitting just under your shoulders. The earrings featuring ivory lace butterflies and antique bronze & pearl bird nest charms for a wonderfully whimsical touch! I think both items are so beautiful - I only have two of these sets available and a spare pair of earrings so whilst the temptation to keep one set for myself is strong, I'd rather it go to my loved customers and make a similar one for myself another time.

Here are some detail shots but they don't capture the loveliness of the set!

 photo P1070128_zps0e9bf18a.jpg

 photo P1070116_zps60c97e55.jpg

 photo P1070125_zpse615feaa.jpg

The set will be available for £11 for both the necklace and earrings. The extra pair of earrings will be available for just £3! Please head on over to my Etsy shortly to find the items!

 photo P1070091_zps4740d492.jpg
 photo P1070105_zps0e013ee8.jpg

 photo P1070097_zpsce7d2be3.jpg

I am going to be trading at Animanga Pop!, an anime, manga and Japanese fashion convention in Plymouth on February 8th and if these items haven't sold by then, I'll be taking them down with me along with a lot of other items. Please come and say hi if you'll be attending, it'll be the first event I'm trading at of the year!