Thursday, 22 May 2014

Event: Enchanted London April 5th 2014

Hello everyone! I'm going to start writing this blog more regularly now, apologies for the slump! Today I'll be talking about the Lolita/J-fashion event Enchanted which was held in London on April 5th-6th 2014, ran by the awesome Street Fashion Europe team. It was two days of amazing outfits, photograph opportunities, shopping, cake and tea! Whilst I didn't have a stall at Enchanted, I made items for me and a few friends to wear as well as donating three prizes to the raffle held near the end of the event!

My friend Nadina was a photographer and filmographer of the event - I made her a black and gold rose accessory set for her to adorn her outfit!


I used high quality colourfast foam roses, handpainted the gold ones myself and made her four hair clips, four brooches and a headband of alternating black roses and stainless steel spike studs for an elegant yet edgy look. The price for this commission was around £50, if you're interested in similar.

Me and my friend Jayde twinned in Chess Story's 'Je nai pas de temps' JSK for a creepy cute Gothic bunny look. I made our earrings, rings and false nails to complete the look! Each of our items are alternating - I have a white blouse, black handbag, white tights, black shoes, white earrings, white ring and black nails with white tips whilst Jayde has a black blouse, white handbag, black tights, white shoes, black earrings, black ring and white false nails with black tips!

I'm on the left

Jayde's false nails - I painted my own nails black with white tips since they were long enough.
Our alternating pom pom earrings
Our alternating pom pom rings

I had lots of fun at the event and I hope to have a stall at a Street Fashion Europe event in the future! Did you go to Enchanted?

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