Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sale: Pink & White Polka Dot and Yellow & Pink Cupcake Tote Bags

Today I put two items on sale for clearance, you lucky things! These are tote bags I made for Animanga Pop earlier in the year and I have a couple left over so I'd like them to go to loving homes and make way for new items!

For sale here

First up is a small pink & white polka dot and bow tote bag. There are two available for sale, both the same size. They measure approx. 20-25cm across. The bags are made with interlining for a strong, durable hold suitable for everyday use! They have a pink cotton lining and feature detachable white grosgrain bow brooches! These are perfect for Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora or even Hime Gyaru/Lolita and are great as is or would be even more adorable decked out in your favourite accessories, bag charms and brooches!

For sale here

Next is a yellow, pink & brown cupcake and polka dot tote bag. Again, there are two available to buy and these are in a large size, measuring about 35-40cm across. They have a pink and white cotton lining, are made with interlining for durability and have detachable brown grosgrain bow brooches. These would be perfect for Sweet Lolita and Decora style; the brown grosgrain bow brooches compliment and balance the colours perfectly, making this a versatile piece.

Both tote bags have been in storage for a bit and would benefit from an ironing or light tumble-drying in a warm heat - don't forget to remove the bow brooches beforehand though! I would happily iron them before sending out but they need to be folded up again to be sent out to you!

The pink tote bags are £7 with free UK postage and the cupcake totes are £10 with free UK postage. Postage anywhere else is £3.50. Buy the pink polka dot tote bag here and the yellow & pink cupcake tote bag here - once all four are gone, they're gone! I may make more tote bags in the future but they won't be exactly the same.

For future reference, I've made lucky packs full of jewellery and accessories that were given in these bags - so not only do you get lots of cute jewellery and accessories for a steal, you even get an awesome tote bag to use as well! What tote bag designs would you like to see in the future? Thanks for reading!

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