Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Event: 8th Sin Creations will be at Moe Moe Con this weekend!

Hello all! How have you all been? The weather has been lovely in the UK recently - the only thing I don't like is opening the windows to feel a lovely, refreshing breeze and a fly buzzes in! I'm scared of many insects and I was even greeted by a spider hanging in my craft room studio doorway after accidentally leaving the window open all night...

Anyway! Last week I was contacted by the committee of Moe Moe Con to have a stall for 8th Sin this weekend! I graciously accepted and have been making new items to take and sell. I attended Moe Moe Con last year with my brand back when it was ran by my dear friend Cat but since she is in Japan this year, it has been taken over by the university committee.

Moe Moe Con is a Japanese culture convention held at Chester University, at the Molloy building and celebrates all things Japanese, such as anime, manga and video games. Some attractions that will be going on during the day will be Taiko drummers, cosplay contest, Japanese fashion contest, maid cafe and a Lolita fashion panel, hosted by myself and my awesome friend Jayde.

It is on Saturday 21st June at 11am and tickets cost £3 for children and anyone in cosplay and £4 for adults/anyone not in cosplay.

I have recently bought some new display items for my stall so I can't wait to use them for the first time at Moe Moe Con! Will you be attending? Come and say hi if so!

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