Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Item: Multicoloured Pastel Candy Gumball Bracelet

Hi everyone! Slowly but surely my new supplies are starting to arrive so I'm busy making new items to take to Moe Moe Con and generally build my store up again after my short hiatus. I'm working on revamping my lines and making them more distinct - after all, that's what makes a brand stand out from the rest.

The first new supplies to arrive were these chunky, super cute gumball-style beads. I made multicoloured pastel candy gumball bracelets perfect for Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei and Decora fashions as well as any other looks needing a sugar rush!

Multicoloured Pastel Candy Gumball Bracelet available here


One size fits all but feel free to send me the circumference of your wrist to double check! These bracelets are so super sweet and are inspired by ultra cute shops like 6% DOKIDOKI. I have 5 in stock and each bracelet is £3 or two for £5! I'll be bringing these along to Moe Moe Con so stop by and grab a couple! Shop here for them on my Etsy store with free UK postage too! See you next time!

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