Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Items: Antique Bronze Bee & Deer Jewellery Sets

Recently I have been playing around with new backdrops and props for my items. I am always torn between wanting a clean, simple look without being boring and a complimentary look using props without being too overwhelming.

I also received a large supplies order at the beginning of the week and have been busy making new items for 8th Sin. Together with the new items and backdrop, I hope I can achieve a cute, whimsical and pretty effect to show my jewellery to the best of my abilities!


£7 and free UK postage, available here

I have made antique bronze bee necklaces before but I've improved them with my new supplies by making part of the chain branches intertwined with flower links. I hope the effect is dainty and whimsical, perfect for Classic Lolita, Mori Girl, Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei and Shironuri. There are so many styles that suit this timeless vintage feel.

£7 and free UK postage, available here

I made a similar necklace but instead featuring an antique bronze deer & bird pendant. Whilst bees and insects are more appealing for a unique twist, deer have an extra pretty feel for a feminine look.

£3 and free UK postage, available here

I made earrings to match both necklaces featuring the same flower charms and white teardrop pearls!

£4 and free UK postage, available here

And a bracelet, specially designed to look like your wrist is entwined with branches and flowers~ 

Naturally they are all available as a set for a discounted price! You can save £2 purchasing all the items together, either with the deer or bee necklace and still get free UK postage!

Antique Bronze Deer, Flower & Branch Jewellery Set - £12 and free UK postage, available here

Antique Bronze Bee, Flower & Branch Jewellery Set - £12 and free UK postage, available here

I am still playing around the the arrangements for jewellery sets, as I realise they look like a face! Although maybe that's funny and will draw customers to view the items? What do you think?

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